Why we built this

We created Creative Milkshake to solve our own problem.

When launching and growing DTC brands on Facebook and Tiktok, our biggest hurdle was sourcing high-quality creatives to make ads that convert.

The whole process of setting up influencer collaborations: the research, the outreach, the follow-ups, and the payments was a huge headache. And let's not talk about securing rights to use the content in marketing.

The truth is, as media buyers, we didn't even mind if content creators shared on their social channels. At the end of the day, we just needed high-quality contet to make ads with so we could scale our paid advertising campaigns.

“Our team has created thousands of ads responsible for driving millions of dollars in revenue. We know what works and what you need to create ads that convert.”

Mirella Crespi

Founder • Creative Milkshake

Our strategic approach to performance creative:
Flexible. Reliable. Scalable.

Successful DTC brands and agencies need a fast, reliable, and scalable content solution without compromises. One that gives everyone on their team instant access to experienced content creators and performance ad designers ready to grow their brand.

From ideation to full execution, we script, shoot, and edit content into high-converting ads

Creative Strategists & Copywriters

Our creative strategists and direct response copywriters will script ads filled with thumb-stopping hooks and engaging CTAs

UGC Studio

Our Amsterdam-based content studio hosts a network of highly-trained content creators experienced in creating ads that sell

Growth Designers

Our graphic and motion designers have years of experience creating ads for Facebook, Tiktok and Pinterest

A global solution for content creation

We work with brands and agencies from around the world.
We source creators locally to create content in the following languages:







Ready to level up your content game?

Ready to level up your content game?

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