Do you feel like you’ve been posting the same types of photos again and again? Are you running out of video and photo ideas for your content? Then it’s time to level-up your content creation game by planning your content ahead of time!

We recommend creating a content calendar. It is literally what it sounds like, a calendar with all the content you are planning to release for the next few days, weeks, or month. 

Here’s an example of content planned for a week:

So that’s one way to avoid repetitive or incoherent ideas when posting content, but what about ideas to fill up that calendar? Keep scrolling for 10 awesome photo ideas to do at home! 

Photo Idea #1: Your Morning Routine 

Let’s start things off with the easiest one: your morning routine! 

How about a #butfirstcoffee or #wokeuplikethis post to kick-start the day? We all have our own morning routines, and it’s fun to share and see what other people are up to right now. 

So what’s your morning routine? Here are some cute ones we found online:

Photo Idea #2: Something You Love To Do

The point of social media platforms is that they help bring people closer together. We like to think your followers would probably want to know more about you through your profile. 

Share with them something you love – whether it’s a hobby, a view from your home, or a leisurely activity.

Photo Idea #3: Photos Of Photos

If you’ve got polaroids, developed or printed pictures, then this idea is for you.

Scatter them on your bed, display them on your fridge, hang them on some string lights – get creative! Just make sure that the focus is on the photos. Having so many things going on in the background can distract from the subject and make the outcome look too busy.

Photo Idea #4: Behind The Scenes

#BTS photos are an experience to scroll through and probably something all content creators can relate to. While artsy, aesthetically pleasing images are amazing, seeing the behind the scenes photos are more candid and relatable. 

Here are some examples of BTS photos, where both the subject and the camera screen are in the frame:

These photos are BTS of the preparation behind a photo. The third photo is actually an Instagram Story converted into a post that adds additional information to the set up.

You can even make things a little more interesting by posting BTS struggles. It’s a humorous way of giving your audience a glimpse of the work that goes into every great picture.

Photo Idea #5: Favorite Place In The House

Do you have a favorite spot at home? Giving your followers a glimpse into your creative or comfort nook could be a nice treat. 

Each of the examples below give off a different perspective to what they love about their favorite spots. Whether it’s getting fresh air over a barbeque, a cozy home studio, or a brightly lit kitchen. Capture it the way you see best!

Photo Idea #6: What’s On My Desk?

You’ve shown your polaroids and favorite hangout spaces in your home. Why not show your followers your desk essentials? 

Whether it’s a gaming desk, vanity, or work desk – seeing what you use on a daily basis is another look into something unique about you.

Photo Idea #7: Day In The Life

The best part about this content idea is that it’s literally all you! You can post as much or as little as you want. Some share photos or videos about working from home, while others just share a snap about their daily routines.

Who says you need to be the subject of your photos? It can even be a day in the life of your dog – it’s completely up to you!

Photo Idea #8: Before and After

Transformation photos come in many forms, not just physical ones. Let your followers know about your hidden talents – makeup, art, cooking, DIYing, and even organizing!

Photo Idea #9: Quotes/Realizations

Everyday, you are surrounded by so many things that inspire you. May it be a family photo, movie, a book, or your journal – take some time to share your realizations through art. 

Just look at how compelling these photos are despite their simplicity:

Photo Idea #10: Expectation vs Reality

If you’re running out of content ideas, maybe it’s time to jump on the Expectation vs Reality bandwagon! 

A slight twist to the transformation type of post – these aren’t only hilarious, but relatable as well. Try finding a trending activity like #DalgonaCoffee and share your results while tagging friends or followers to encourage engagement.

Now that we’ve shared with you a couple of ideas, grab what you like and start your content planning process. Be sure to plan your content ahead of time to not only post consistently, but provide diverse and unique content to capture and grow your audience.

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