Years ago, when you ask a kid what he or she wants to be in the future you would get answers like, “when I grow up, I want to be a doctor” or “I want to be a pilot.” Other kids would want to be an astronaut; parents are not even surprised and a hundred percent supportive. Fast forward to today, try asking kids what they want to be when they grow up. Some might answer they want to be a model, a celebrity and most might tell you that they want to be an influencer or a vlogger.

In this digital age, you probably know by now how in-demand content creators are. Or how almost everyone, not just kids, wants to be content creators and earn from posting on their social media accounts, use their platforms to get their words across, and influence others. 

In this article, we are going to talk about the 4 different types of content creators and a starter pack checklist for each so that you know which type you fall in and relate to.

The Giving Expert

This type of content creator knows a little about everything and a lot about something. Their expertise comes from years of experience and what greater way to share their knowledge by creatively making it available online and for free. The expert’s audience knows that he excels in his field that is why they trust and turn to him for advice. 

Giving Experts are natural salesmen. Their contents are full of powerful and useful research that leave their audiences buying his ideas.

The Giving Expert Starter Pack:

  • Has at least one “how to” image, video or carousel content
  • A professional, may it be a dermatologist, chef or engineer to name a few, who shares their expertise on their chosen platform
  • Contents you make are often from what you already know in your head and illustrate with your anecdotes based on experience
  • Other content creators often use your content for reference as their research material.
  • You spend much time digging into research from reliable and unique sources.
The Persuasive Pundit

The Persuasive Pundit

Unlike the Giving Experts, who use their platforms to share their expertise, this type of content creator is more on making honest to goodness reviews and explanation of their first-hand experiences on goods and services. They do not just observe it or announce it, they convince people it is true through what they show on their platforms, “we did it and it works.”  The ultimate goal of their content is to inspire, help, and get their audiences excited to make purchasing decisions. 

The Persuasive Pundit Starter Pack:
  • You love writing and illustrating step-by-step contents
  • You have at least one unboxing content
  • You also have at least one “Why You Should…”  image, video or carousel content
  • You show before and after shots
  • In your video contents, you show the product on the camera on one hand while using the other to cover any harsh lighting and help the camera focus
  • Usually rates the product or service and how much you would recommend it
The Nifty Trendsetter

The Nifty Trendsetter

Content creators like this are the ones who make content out of their hobbies or just for fun. From doing memes to pranks, they just do whatever content that is worth trending. The Nifty Trendsetter’s main goal is to purely entertain their audiences.

The Nifty Trendsetter Starter Pack:

  • You are witty and funny, no arguments
  • You also have at least one content of pranking your friend or loved one
  • The least camera-shy among all content creators
  • Embarrassment is not in your vocabulary
  • You love entertaining people and make them laugh
The Trailblazing Influencer

The Trailblazing Influencer

Among all types of content creators, they are the most popular. Trailblazing Influencers are content creators who have established themselves, may it be they have been seen on television, radio, or magazine before. They obviously have garnered a massive follower base on social media and other platforms, and most of them also have fan clubs.

Like the Giving Experts, Trailblazing Influencers are also natural salesmen as they are perceived as role models or industry experts by their fans. They have this exclusivity (but not too much) that makes their followers or fans curious and thrilled when they share it. Brands usually tap them because they have the power to influence purchase decisions of their followers and fan base.

The Trailblazing Influencer Starter Pack:

  • You work in an industry people are clamoring to understand or be a part of
  • You effortlessly post contents (sponsored or not) and still get a thousand likes and engagement for it
  • You have thousands of followers and more
  • You are one of the highest-paid content creators

So, what type of content creator are you?

You probably have an idea by now what type of content creator you are. That only means that you resonate with any of the 4 content creators described above and that you know what your strengths are.

May you be a Giving Expert, Persuasive Pundit, Nifty Trendsetter, or Trailblazing Influencer, embrace your strengths and work on your weaknesses so that your audiences will continue to trust, listen and be loyal to you. 

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